Unwanted In-Browser Mining

Does your computer suddenly get slower when you access a specific website?

Does your computer slow down significantly when you open a browser at all?

If so, you may be the victim of unwanted in-browser mining.

Why do websites mine?

In short, websites mine because they want to make revenue. They may run mining scripts in addition to or in place of advertising. Many sites will inform you that they are using your resources to mine, and they often allow you to opt out. We suggest searching for these options before proceeding further. Sometimes, people bundle miners with browser extensions.

What you can do

The best thing you can do is stop using the website that is mining. Try closing tabs until your computer’s CPU use decreases and it’s no longer slow. Be extra vigilant, since certain websites may try to open different windows in hidden locations, such as under the taskbar.

Check to see if you have any unwanted extension installed. These extensions may be used to steal your computer's processing power and perhaps perform even more malicious activity, such as stealing bank account credentials. Uninstall any unnecessary extensions.

Sometimes websites get hacked, and the hackers install a mining script. The website admin may not even know that it is there. It is typically worth your time to contact the site admins informing them of suspected mining. If they are a legitimate website, they should take you seriously.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

It is possible that you are having a different issue than in-browser mining. Try unwanted system mining or ransomware. If you still haven’t found what you need, The Monero Malware Response Workgroup is here to help you get your computer back to normal. If you would like live assistance, please visit #monero-mrw. We hope to include a simpler in-browser support system in the future.