A bug stealing Monero in a sack.


You’re probably here because you’ve got a Monero malware problem. We’re here to help.

First, please understand that Monero itself is not a malicious technology. It’s a neutral, safe, and private cryptocurrency. A financial tool, if you will. Unfortunately, like any tool, it can be used by malicious people to exploit others.

The Monero Malware Response Workgroup provides resources and live support for multiple types of malware. Let’s identify your issue. Keep scrolling.

Identify your problem.

Unwanted In-Browser Mining

Does your computer suddenly get slower when you access a specific website? Does your computer slow down significantly when you open a browser at all?

If so, you may be the victim of unwanted in-browser mining.

View response to in-browser mining

Unwanted System Mining

Is your computer running slow, and have you found evidence of a specific software using all your CPU and/or GPU capacity?

You may be the victim of unwanted system mining.

View response to system mining


Do you have difficulty accessing files on your computer, and you have a message demanding payment to make these files accessible again?

You may be the victim of ransomware.

View response to ransomware

What is Monero?

Monero is a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its main goal is to empower people to take control of their finances without having to rely on trusted third party. It really is an amazing technology, and we hope this bad experience won’t turn you off to the exciting opportunities that Monero can offer. To learn more about Monero, please visit getmonero.org.

Monero is sent from one person to another.
Blocks are being mined.

What is mining?

But what does “mining” have to do with anything? The Monero network is kept safe by everyday people volunteering their computer power to secure the network and process transactions. These volunteers are called miners and are compensated for their work (mining) with new Monero.

Unfortunately, some malicious people might look to make a little extra Monero by infecting other people’s computers with unwanted mining software, thereby freely generating extra computer power for them at your expense. But don’t worry, the Malware Response Workgroup is here to help!

Ask more questions

Monero Malware Response Workgroup includes Monero community members who volunteer their time to help those whose computers have been impacted by malware. We provide all resources on this website, but you are always welcome in our IRC chat if you want anything clarified further. We are working on providing live support directly in the webpage.

People ask questions and receive answers on community channels.